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Hotels in Singapore, SINGAPORE

 Amara Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Amara Singapore
4 star from USD142.35
  Amaris Hotel Bugis, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Amaris Hotel Bugis
 2 star from USD112.77
 Amoy Hotel, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Amoy Hotel
4 star from USD225.14
  Aqueen Hotel Balestier, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Aqueen Hotel Balestier
 3 star from USD110.28
 Aqueen Hotel Lavender, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Aqueen Hotel Lavender
3 star from USD108.32
  Arianna, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Arianna
 2 star from USD80.20
 Ascott Raffles Place Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Ascott Raffles Place Singapore
5 star from USD290.71
 Bay Hotel Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Bay Hotel Singapore
4 star from USD120.30
  Bayview Hotel Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Bayview Hotel Singapore
 3 star from USD180.46
 Capella Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Capella Singapore
5 star from USD529.55
  Capri By Fraser Changi City, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Capri By Fraser Changi City
 4 star from USD200.50
 Carlton, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Carlton
4 star from USD350.87
  Carlton City, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Carlton City
 4 star from USD215.53
 Changi Cove, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Changi Cove
4 star from USD113.28
  Chinatown, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Chinatown
 2 star from USD120.30
 Concorde Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Concorde Singapore
4 star from USD295.72
 Days Hotel Singapore at Zhongshan Park, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Days Hotel Singapore at Zhongshan Park
3 star from USD130.33
  Dorsett Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Dorsett Singapore
 4 star from USD210.53
 Equarius, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Equarius
5 star from USD370.91
 Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Four Seasons Hotel Singapore
5 star from USD340.83
  Fragrance - Selegie, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Fragrance - Selegie
 2 star from USD94.95
 Fragrance Hotel - Crystal, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Fragrance Hotel - Crystal
2 star from USD46.84
  Fragrance Hotel - Emerald, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Fragrance Hotel - Emerald
 2 star from USD51.33
 Fragrance Hotel - Oasis, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Fragrance Hotel - Oasis
2 star from USD60.95
  Fragrance Hotel - Pearl, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Fragrance Hotel - Pearl
 2 star from USD46.84
 Fragrance Hotel - Rose, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Fragrance Hotel - Rose
2 star from USD60.95
  Fragrance Hotel - Royal, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Fragrance Hotel - Royal
 2 star from USD94.95
 Fragrance Hotel - Ruby, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Fragrance Hotel - Ruby
2 star from USD51.33
  Fragrance Hotel - Sapphire, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Fragrance Hotel - Sapphire
 2 star from USD51.33
 Fragrance Hotel Bugis, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Fragrance Hotel Bugis
2 star from USD94.95
  Fragrance Hotel Ocean View, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Fragrance Hotel Ocean View
 2 star from USD94.95
 Fragrance Hotel Riverside, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Fragrance Hotel Riverside
3 star from USD114.20
  Fragrance Hotel-Sunflower, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Fragrance Hotel-Sunflower
 2 star from USD46.84
 Fragrance Imperial, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Fragrance Imperial
2 star from USD94.95
  Fragrance Waterfront, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Fragrance Waterfront
 2 star from USD94.95
 Furama City Centre, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Furama City Centre
4 star from USD216.36
  Furama Riverfront, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Furama Riverfront
 4 star from USD123.85
 Gallery Hotel, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Gallery Hotel
4 star from USD152.93
  Goodwood Park, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Goodwood Park
 5 star from USD240.59
 Grand Pacific Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Grand Pacific Singapore
4 star from USD185.46
 Harbour Ville, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Harbour Ville
3 star from USD90.22
  Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hard Rock Hotel Singapore
 5 star from USD340.83
 Holiday Inn Atrium, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Holiday Inn Atrium
4 star from USD190.48
  Holiday Inn Express Singapore Clarke Quay, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Holiday Inn Express Singapore Clarke Quay
 4 star from USD180.46
 Hotel 1929, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 1929
4 star from USD150.37
  Hotel 81 - Balestier, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 - Balestier
 2 star from USD95.44
 Hotel 81 - Bugis, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 - Bugis
2 star from USD111.47
  Hotel 81 - Orchid, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 - Orchid
 2 star from USD68.17
 Hotel 81 - Rochor, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 - Rochor
2 star from USD95.44
  Hotel 81 - Selegie, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 - Selegie
 2 star from USD103.46
 Hotel 81 - Tristar, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 - Tristar
2 star from USD110.28
  Hotel 81 Bencoolen, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 Bencoolen
 2 star from USD111.47
 Hotel 81 Chinatown, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 Chinatown
2 star from USD127.51
  Hotel 81 Classic, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 Classic
 2 star from USD87.42
 Hotel 81 Cosy, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 Cosy
2 star from USD103.46
  Hotel 81 Elegance, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 Elegance
 2 star from USD87.42
 Hotel 81 Geylang, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 Geylang
2 star from USD68.17
  Hotel 81 Gold, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 Gold
 2 star from USD68.17
 Hotel 81 Heritage, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 Heritage
2 star from USD103.46
  Hotel 81 Hollywood, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 Hollywood
 2 star from USD68.17
 Hotel 81 Kovan, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 Kovan
2 star from USD103.46
  Hotel 81 Lucky, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 Lucky
 2 star from USD68.17
 Hotel 81 Osaka, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 Osaka
2 star from USD111.47
  Hotel 81 Palace, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 Palace
 2 star from USD68.17
 Hotel 81 Princess, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 Princess
2 star from USD68.17
  Hotel 81 Sakura, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 Sakura
 2 star from USD79.40
 Hotel 81 Star, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81 Star
2 star from USD76.19
  Hotel 81-Dickson, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel 81-Dickson
 2 star from USD90.22
 Hotel Clover, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel Clover
4 star from USD150.37
  Hotel Clover 5 Hongkong Street, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel Clover 5 Hongkong Street
 4 star from USD136.87
 Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel Fort Canning
4 star from USD260.63
  Hotel Grand Chancellor, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Hotel Grand Chancellor
 3 star from USD105.26
 Ibis Singapore Novena, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Ibis Singapore Novena
3 star from USD140.35
  Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen
 3 star from USD146.22
 Kam Leng, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Kam Leng
3 star from USD92.30
 Link Hotel, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Link Hotel
3 star from USD142.82
 M Hotel, Singapore, SINGAPORE  M Hotel
4 star from USD157.90
  Madras @ Eminence, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Madras @ Eminence
 2 star from USD76.19
 Madras Hotel @ Tekka, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Madras Hotel @ Tekka
2 star from USD76.19
  Mandarin Oriental, Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Mandarin Oriental, Singapore
 5 star from USD350.87
 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Marina Bay Sands
5 star from USD553.14
  Marina Mandarin Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Marina Mandarin Singapore
 5 star from USD237.88
 Metropolitan YMCA Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Metropolitan YMCA Singapore
3 star from USD135.33
  Michael, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Michael
 5 star from USD330.81
 Miramar Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Miramar Singapore
3 star from USD230.56
  Moevenpick Heritage, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Moevenpick Heritage
 5 star from USD252.63
 Moon @ 23 Dickson, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Moon @ 23 Dickson
4 star from USD165.19
 Naumi Hotel, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Naumi Hotel
4 star from USD279.69
  Naumi Liora, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Naumi Liora
 4 star from USD152.22
 New Majestic, Singapore, SINGAPORE  New Majestic
4 star from USD236.93
  Nostalgia Hotel, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Nostalgia Hotel
 4 star from USD158.75
 Oasia Hotel Singapore by Far East Hospitality, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Oasia Hotel Singapore by Far East Hospitality
4 star from USD180.46
  Orchard Parade, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Orchard Parade
 4 star from USD180.46
 Orchid Country Club, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Orchid Country Club
4 star from USD169.92
 Parc Sovereign, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Parc Sovereign
4 star from USD120.07
  Park 22, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Park 22
 2 star from USD80.78
 Park Regis Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Park Regis Singapore
4 star from USD225.56
  Parkroyal On Pickering, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Parkroyal On Pickering
 4 star from USD252.98
 Peninsula Excelsior, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Peninsula Excelsior
4 star from USD160.40
 Raffles Hotel Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Raffles Hotel Singapore
5 star from USD531.31
  Ramada Singapore at Zhongshan Park, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Ramada Singapore at Zhongshan Park
 4 star from USD140.35
 Rendezvous Hotel Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Rendezvous Hotel Singapore
4 star from USD190.48
  Rider's Lodge, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Rider's Lodge
 3 star from USD98.56
 Riverview Hotel Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Riverview Hotel Singapore
4 star from USD155.39
  Robertson Quay, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Robertson Quay
 3 star from USD122.69
 Royal, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Royal
4 star from USD157.88
  Royal at Queens, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Royal at Queens
 4 star from USD188.79
 Sandpiper Hotel, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Sandpiper Hotel
3 star from USD107.67
  Santa Grand Hotel Bugis, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Santa Grand Hotel Bugis
 3 star from USD126.31
 Santa Grand Hotel Chinatown, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Santa Grand Hotel Chinatown
2 star from USD105.26
  Santa Grand Hotel East Coast, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Santa Grand Hotel East Coast
 3 star from USD160.40
 Santa Grand Hotel West Coast, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Santa Grand Hotel West Coast
3 star from USD130.33
  Santa Grand Lai Chun Yuen, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Santa Grand Lai Chun Yuen
 3 star from USD108.26
 Santa Grand Little India, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Santa Grand Little India
2 star from USD100.25
  Shangri-la Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Shangri-la Singapore
 5 star from USD333.46
 Sofitel So Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Sofitel So Singapore
5 star from USD260.80
  Soluxe Inn, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Soluxe Inn
 3 star from USD120.30
 Studio M Hotel, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Studio M Hotel
4 star from USD160.40
  Summer View, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Summer View
 3 star from USD100.08
 Supreme, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Supreme
3 star from USD150.37
 The Club Hotel, Singapore, SINGAPORE  The Club Hotel
4 star from USD165.66
  The Duxton Hotel, Singapore, SINGAPORE  The Duxton Hotel
 4 star from USD137.16
 The Elizabeth Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  The Elizabeth Singapore
3 star from USD160.40
  The Fragrance (Joo Chiat), Singapore, SINGAPORE  The Fragrance (Joo Chiat)
 2 star from USD53.25
 The Inn At Temple Street, Singapore, SINGAPORE  The Inn At Temple Street
3 star from USD95.24
  The Pan Pacific Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  The Pan Pacific Singapore
 5 star from USD297.34
 The Porcelain, Singapore, SINGAPORE  The Porcelain
3 star from USD123.85
  The Quincy, Singapore, SINGAPORE  The Quincy
 4 star from USD288.84
 The Scarlet, Singapore, SINGAPORE  The Scarlet
4 star from USD213.50
  The Seacare Hotel, Singapore, SINGAPORE  The Seacare Hotel
 4 star from USD140.35
 The Westin Singapore, Singapore, SINGAPORE  The Westin Singapore
5 star from USD250.61
  Traders, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Traders
 4 star from USD207.51
 Tresor Tavern Hotel, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Tresor Tavern Hotel
2 star from USD57.73
 V Hotel Bencoolen, Singapore, SINGAPORE  V Hotel Bencoolen
4 star from USD130.33
  V Hotel Lavender, Singapore, SINGAPORE  V Hotel Lavender
 4 star from USD140.35
 Value Hotel Nice, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Value Hotel Nice
2 star from USD95.44
  Value Hotel-Balestier, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Value Hotel-Balestier
 2 star from USD95.44
 Value Hotel-Thomson, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Value Hotel-Thomson
3 star from USD111.47
  Venue Hotel, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Venue Hotel
 2 star from USD86.61
 Village Hotel Albert Court by Far East Hospitality, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Village Hotel Albert Court by Far East Hospitality
4 star from USD147.25
  Village Hotel Bugis by Far East Hospitality, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Village Hotel Bugis by Far East Hospitality
 4 star from USD165.42
 Village Hotel Katong , Singapore, SINGAPORE  Village Hotel Katong
4 star from USD164.47
 W Singapore - Sentosa Cove, Singapore, SINGAPORE  W Singapore - Sentosa Cove
5 star from USD300.74
  Wanderlust, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Wanderlust
 4 star from USD180.46
 Wangz Hotel, Singapore, SINGAPORE  Wangz Hotel
4 star from USD215.53
 York, Singapore, SINGAPORE  York
4 star from USD238.59

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