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Air Asia


Asia’s leading airline was established with the dream of making flying possible for everyone. Since 2001, AirAsia has swiftly broken travel norms around the globe and has risen to become the world’s best. With a route network that spans through more than 20 countries, AirAsia continues to pave the way for low-cost aviation through our innovative solutions, efficient processes and a passionate approach to business. Together with our associate companies, AirAsia X, Thai AirAsia and Indonesia AirAsia, AirAsia is set to take low-cost flying to an all new high with our believe, ‘’Now Everyone Can Fly’’.

AirAsia X

Focusing on the low-cost, long-haul segment - AirAsia X was established in 2007 to provide high-frequency and point-to-point networks to the long-haul business. AirAsia X’s cost efficiencies are derived from maintaining a simple aircraft fleet and a route network based on low-cost airports, without complex code-sharing and other legacy overheads that weigh down traditional airlines without compromising on safety. Guests continue to enjoy low fares, through cost savings that we pass on to guests. 

AirAsia X’s efficient and reliable operations are fully licensed and monitored by Malaysian and international regulators, and adhere to full international standards. AirAsia X is committed in offering X-citing low fares, X-emplary levels of safety and care, and an X-traordinary in-flight and service experience to all our guests - spreading the amazing AirAsia experience to exciting destinations in Australia, China, India, Middle East and Europe. 

Our vision

To be the largest low cost airline in Asia and serving the 3 billion people who are currently underserved with poor connectivity and high fares. 

Our mission

  • To be the best company to work for whereby employees are treated as part of a big family
  • Create a globally recognized ASEAN brand
  • To attain the lowest cost so that everyone can fly with AirAsia
  • Maintain the highest quality product, embracing technology to reduce cost and enhance service levels

Our values

We make the low fare model possible through the implementation of the following key strategies,

  • Safety First:
    Partnering with the world’s most renowned maintenance providers and complying with the with world airline operations.
  • High Aircraft Utilisation: 
    Implementing the regions fastest turnaround time at only 25 minutes, assuring lower costs and higher productivity.
  • Low Fare, No Frills: 
    Providing guests with the choice of customizing services without compromising on quality and services.
  • Streamline Operations: 
    Making sure that processes are as simple as possible.
  • Lean Distribution System: 
    Offering a wide and innovative range of distribution channels to make booking and travelling easier.
  • Point to Point Network: 
    Applying the point-to-point network keeps operations simple and costs low.

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